∆DEEN is a New York City based accessory line from 20 year old lower east side native Rembrandt Duran. Remy is trying to achieve his dream of building ADEEN into a lifestyle brand using individuality, originality, and knowledge of style. His goal is to bring “fun” and love back into the world of fashion.

The first release out of ADEEN was Assman. It’s a series of plush pins, boy short underwear and knit caps. The plush pin idea was something Remy had wanted to do for years. The idea came from his childhood collection of Beanie Babies and the dream of one day having his own “army” of plushys. The character of Assman is something Remy created back in 3rd grade along with a series of comics called The Documents. He had wanted to be a cartoonist but later decided that style and fashion were his real passions. Fusing the two things together gave him an opportunity to give life to a character he had loved for years.
The second line released from ADEEN was the “RoseHood” plush pin collection. The staples of that collection are black and red plush rose pins. They appeal to both men and women, young and old. “RoseHood” is the concept that one should believe in being you. That your clothing should reflect who you are and where you came from. The expression of self through clothing. From time to time ADEEN releases limited edition colors of its signature rose.
More recently ADEEN has introduced a new line called ADN by ADEEN. It’s a collection of snap back caps, necklaces and earrings using acrylic. This collection was done in collaboration with NYC based jewelry designer CHRISHABANA, and blends Habana’s signature dark biblical style with the youthful energy of ADEEN. “Think of it as a gothic cartoon, inspired by villains from the cartoons of my childhood,” says Duran. One of the hats from this collection was featured in the March 2011 fashion issue of VICE magazine.

The brand new line from  ADEEN is called SATURDAY. The inspiration for SATURDAY goes perfectly with the ADEEN brand and its core message of bringing back that Saturday morning cartoon feel. Style and fashion shouldn't be a look but a feeling. Saturday meant all the things that Rembrandt loved most. From his Gameboy to his Nintendo 64 and his Pokémon VHS movies. Those cartoons and video games were the inspiration, for not only SATURDAY, but ADEEN itself. SATURDAY is a tribute to these cartoons and more specifically the day that meant so much to him as a child. Rembrandt hopes with SATURDAY to continue giving style and fashion not just a look, but a feeling. That good old Saturday morning cartoon feeling.

Always looking for something new and out of the norm, Remy wants to do collaborations with artists in other mediums. He would one day like to work on designing wardrobe for a cartoon.
Remy’s ambition is to turn ADEEN into a lifestyle brand. A classic brand with a modern look and feel.

For more info or questions contact us at info@adeenyc.com