Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Champagne For The Pain - Red Cafe ft. Young Jeezy

Here is the video from Red Cafe ft. Young Jeezy. You can see Red Cafe wearing the NYC hat all up in the video! HAAAANN!!! What Else!?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ADEEN Chomp Hat In The New Beats By Dre Commercial

Will I Am wearing the ADEEN Chomp hat in the Beats By Dre commercial! Watch out for this going live on your TVs tomorrow! SO excited!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


ADEEN! from ADEEN TV on Vimeo.

The ADEEN crew shows us how they maintain that "Saturday morning cartoon feeling" in this new visual conceptualized by Anais Larocca, one of the brains behind the Jay Z/Duracell commercial. This wild, mile-a-minute display of animated expression includes, a paint-gun fight, images of Dragonball Z and Pokemon, a fridge stocked full of candy, and a grinning Duran bathing in a Fruit Loop filled tub. Never one to hold back on the eye candy, ADEEN goes above and beyond to proclaim to the world - Just Have Fun.

ADEEN is a New York City based brand from 21 year old lower east side native Rembrandt Duran. His goal is to bring "fun" back into the world of fashion.

The brand thus far focusing mainly on accessories, most notably their signature snapback hats, will release its first soft goods this Spring, a peek of which can be seen in the video.

"Hopefully through the video we can give you, the viewer, either an introduction into the world of ADEEN, or a reminder and a look to where the brand is heading. There is plenty more to come and we will continue to do poppin things!" ~ Remy

Cast includes Andrej Pejic, Ricci Steez, Lafayette Bless, Eric Narvaez, Nunnie and Amanda Lynn Krieger. Directed by Anais LaRocca and Pablo Pelcan with music by Anamanaguchi.