Friday, May 4, 2012

Kanye West - Lost In The World Video

Mr. Kanye West... So we meet again... It just so happens that its opinion time again too... Hmmm... soooooo you think its cool to just have models in ya video usin splash attack and we just gunna accept that right? Look, I'm all for artsy and fashion and cool stuff that not everyone is gunna understand. I get it! I like that kinda stuff but ummm... Can we please get the Touch The Sky type videos back? The New Workout Plan videos back? The STRONGER videos back!? We tired you NOT being in most of the video. Flashing Lights was =/ and this was :(. Please, make every video from now on like Otis. Now I know you, everyone is allowed to have a few not good videos but... yeah not you. As people as cocky about their work as you are, you need to deliver, every, single, time. This is GREAT background visuals at an art gallery, or the Standard Hotel Elevator. But... yeah I guess thats what you go for now. I didn't like this song anyway, the original Woods was better anyway. Love you Kanye bbbyyyeeee ;D

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