Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Erika Linder

Quickly became one of my favorite models and good good friends and also my boyfriend. People call her the opposite Andrej but nah chill, she's her own damn person with her own look. She's beautiful and gorgeous and a real bad ass. She's not a girl trying to be a boy... she's just a tomboy! Oh and an amazing model to boot. These are just some of my favorite pictures of her. Wait till the ones she shot for ADEEN come out B)


BlahBlah said...

Nigga... I can't tell whose a women and who's not..
everything's androgynous round here
and I thought you were straight..
I'm so confused now
what is life b

Mina said...

Who ever thought Remy was straight is just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what mina said!!

Anonymous said...

Why is remys private life so important to you all that is even a topic for discussion? Its not really anyones business is it? Time for everyone to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Anon above me -_-

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how he gets down. We all enjoy his blog/work. Plus he's cute and has a really big tongue.

Ashley V said...

LOL, I knew Remy loved taking it in the booty and giving it to guys in the booty.

I just hate that he always blogged about "bettys" like hes really into women.

He wears platform shoes for crying out loud. Talks about Ru Paul all the time. What straight dude talks about drag queens with a passion?

Not hating on you or against gays, I'm just saying.

Stop putting up a front.

C'mon Sun said...

'Ashely V'.... this is the dudes blog, he'd keep it 100, and does just that.
so chill..
I wanna know what dude has to say about all this though..

Anonymous said...

ashley soundss like she couldnt bag and is bitter. lol ash you mad?

Any reason why dude owes anyone an explanation regarding his sex life?

I hope he keeps it classy and dont say a word.

Anonymous said...

Trust me anon no one is mad they cant bag Remy, hes no catch lol the gays can keep him, get cho life lmbo