Thursday, May 31, 2012

Illustration Inspiration

Ahhhh all of these drawings are soooooo good. Like so amazing and poppin and just like GOOD! Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Capcom vs. SNK, Sonic and DBZ man. And they all make great iPhone backgrounds enjoy!

Throwback Thursday

I never do these things... but I found this and it was appropriate so yeah here you guys go. 
Hilarious right?

Boone Pickens Stunts On Drake

Yet another amazing moment on twitter
Just thought you should all see this
Boone Pickens btw is the BP guy....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Exodus 23:1 - Pusha-T

See now THIS is a good video. Reminded us of who Pusha-T really is. Made me like the song more after watching the video. Totally see where he was Dissing Lil Wayne, still don't see where he was dissing Drake, and I see where he dissed Yung Chop. But yeah great video Pusha Ton. 

New 'COLD' Artwork by George Condo

Get rid of the cold.
Or the George Condo art.
CHOOSE one Kanye you doin too much. 

Kanye West & Jay-Z - No Church In The Wild

Ok so, I'm not saying its a bad video... its cool. Its really well made and its great acting and stuff like that. But like... You're gunna have to make something more than a riot scene for it to be a great video. So many people have done riot scenes. Its kind of... really unoriginal haha The coolest part by far had to be the end. With the lasers and the colored light illuminating the statues faces and expressions. Actually the statues were really the best part of the video. Also what the hell was up with the damn Elephant at the end? 
Anyway I liked this fan made video WAY better. Like... it was completely original and it was cooler and the concept fit the song a bit more I think... But yeah check it out and let me know if you agree or disagree!

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Azealia Banks 1991 EP Review

Its perfect. Buy it.
Thats really all I have to say. 

Just A Thought

Ok so, obviously that other comments thread is getting out of hand lol not that I care what ANYone who isn't directly in my life thinks, because I know how weird people on the internet are, and can be. So I know not to let any of that affect me, all the rumors and blah blah blah. That stuff is silly and very amusing to me. Sure I put my relationship "out there"... I guess. All I ever say is My girlfriend is the best and my girlfriend is awesome. I've never put a picture out or really gotten into our relationship and its dynamics, so if thats putting it out there, then... Ok cool fine lol 

 BUT! What I do have somewhat of a problem with, and where I do start to take offense is the notion, thought and idea of someone being given credit for getting me to where I am. I will not deny that Andrej did get me a lot of press after the photo shoot we did, and being friends with her has led me to meet certain people I wouldn't have met as soon as I did. But to say that my brand is what it is and where it is only after being friends with Andrej is really just... NOT true haha I was in a showroom before the photo shoot, I was in stores before the photo shoot, and I had a blog and brand following before the photo shoot. I mean my brand was on the right track even before I had ever met Andrej. It was the hard work of my mom, my team and myself that got me to where I am. I creative direct every shoot I do, I style about 90% of every lookbook that ADEEN has and I design 100% of anything ADEEN. When buyers come to the showroom in LA and e-mail us its all about our work and our product. Anyone can be given a spotlight, its what you do under that spotlight that will determine how far you go. 
 Oh and to the idiot that says being in pictures with Andrej at parties is like unlimited press and all that... what major blogs have any of those pictures been on? The only pictures those ever show up on are the fan blogs and those are the fans of Andrej... Not buyers and my customer base. Nothing against the Andrej fan blogs and saying anything negative about them, from what I've read they are very nice and supporting people of Andrej and I. Just saying, thats not real press for me and my brand. 
 But yeah thats all I wanted to say :) It doesn't even really bother me that much, because I know where I am and how I got there. The people who really matter know that as well. You silly internet weirdos can continue to have your opinions. Because at the end of the day if you aren't supporting me and my dream, then you don't really matter to me! Thanks for everyone who has been supporting me, I see it and I appreciate it, you really mean everything to me! Thanks! 

ADEEN in Crooks & Castles 2012 Lookbook!

Awesome! USA hat and the Camo Rose Pin! Only question I had is doesn't C&C have their own hats? Why wouldn't they use their own? But! Who am I to argue with free press! Thanks C&C!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shlohmo Last Night At Glasslands Gallery

Went to see Shlohmo do his set at Glasslands last night in BK. I can finally just walk into a bar like that and see things like this whenever I want now that I'm 21, YES! But it was definitely great to see. He did his thing, but I feel so awkward in bars... so I had to leave after an hour ahaha but it was great while I was there. Also Toonami was on so I ran home.

Nas - Daughters VIDEO

Nasty Nas, Life Is Good, Daughters. What a great video. I love this song too. I have a LOT of the same fears having a daughter one day. Definitely check out this video. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sneakers And Birthday Gifts

So as some of you may know my wonderful and amazing and fantastic and fabulous girlfriend got me a belated birthday gift and it really was the greatest gift ever.
Look how gock-damn amazing these sneakers are! Man oh man these are beautiful and amazing just like her <3

BUT! These got me onto the site where she bought them and omg I fell into SNEAKER HEAVEN UGH! Amazing sneakers EVERYWHERE and I want them ALL hahahaha Here is a look at some of my top choices!

Giuseppe Zanotti


Raf Simons

Alejandro Inglemo
LIKE! DO YOU SEE THESE!? UGH! I mean these KVA's are amazing enough to hold me over but I'm a sneaker hoarder. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

ADEEN used in Nicola Formichetti Window Display at LHP in Japan!

Both the CUNT and TRCRTPS hat used in the display!
Sooooo hype hahaha Glad he likes them :) 

Shlohmo – The Way U Do Video

This is definitely my new jam. Like seriously I LOVE this song so much hahaha The Weeknd's cousin delivers! I just downloaded his Vacation EP off of iTunes and I love it so much. It sounds like James Blake mixed with The Weeknd and just greatness.

Andrej Pejic in Modern Weekly, China

Holy shit she looks amazing. Like this is definitely in my top 3 Andrej editorials. They definitely outdid themselves with this one. Amazing visuals, amazing photography and an amazing model. Love.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Louis Vuitton Leopard Stoles 2012 New Colors

I kinda like these colorways of the classic LV leopard stole. Dunno if I personally would purchase them when they come out... but you never know, I might have a look see when they're released in the coming months. Could be a cute fall item. 

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Remix with... 2 Chainz and Mac Miller!?

Aw man this is big for Tity Boi aka 2 Christ and Mac Miller! Can't wait!