Friday, April 20, 2012

Mishka 2012 Lookbook.... Yawn

*sigh* Looks like Mishka came out with a new lookbook and, oh my, they're using "hot" girls to promote your clothes to distract from subpar photography.... again. Don't they do this every season? And doesn't Supreme do this, but way better? Its like this isn't even fashion forward or like... any type of groundbreaking at all. I mean I get its Mishka and its a street wear brand but come on! You know how big the budget must be for a brand like Mishka? But yeah, call me a hater, call me whatever, but... this stunk man. 

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Rey said...

Huge fan of yours for about 3/4 years now, first tiem leaving a comment. Even tho they do use hot girls in their pics, I honestly don't think it takes away from the Apparel or the photography. I didnt walk away from this picture thinking dam those were some hot chicks, I thought those are some nice crewnecks there wearing.