Monday, April 9, 2012

LADEEN ft. Andrej Pejic

So I was back in LA last week because Andrej invited me to be his escort for the New Now Next Awards! He was nominated for the Beyond Style award, so they put him (us) up in the W Hotel for a night. But we decided to get there the night before and stay at The Standard so we could have more time in LA. We had, soooooo much fun! Like it was crazy haha This was definitely more than a vacation than a business trip. Sure I did my networking and met a few people shook a few hands and all that, but it was so fun it didn't feel like work at all. Check out some pictures from the trip!
Yeah There are NO cabs in LA...
Safety first says the W, a bit classier than the Standard lol
This is how the Standard says it.... lol See what I mean? 
Andrej and Daver
W Hotel is #verynice
Me and Rye Rye, LOVE HER! And her song Boom Boom, ugh AMAZING
Andrej just being famous and popular, with some tacky man behind her
Neon Trees preformed 
Last Day Poolside Relaxation
My Outfit while I was waiting for her hair and makeup to be done
The Room At The Standard
Ok so the pictures are out of order but WATEVER ok!? So much fun haha Watch the #NNNAwards tonight on Logo to see if she won! :D


Anonymous said...

who is your suit by?!

∆DEEN! said...

Its by TopMan :)

neylis said...

Lovely andrej! Congrats! Love you! and thnks for sharing the pics..hehe

Anonymous said...

topman? really? for some reason i thought it was from a different brand....shit is tuff tho, def swagged it out, lemme guess the shirt is by your boy Lauren?

Anonymous said...

the 2nd and the 3rd pic...LOL..very bold sign!

Anonymous said...

so remy....I saw you on t.v. and all I want to know is...when the hell did you get prada shoes?!

Anonymous said...

That tacky man is Jeremy Scott. You really don't like him? Why? Just wondering?

Kemi said...

I'm so glad Andrej won, I was watching NNN Awards yesterday and i was like :O that's Adeen haha loved your whole outfit : )

Anonymous said...

lol the tacky man looks like jeremy scott tho