Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sisqo Is The Greatest

Bruh.... Sisqo is really legendary. One of the greatest of all times ever man. I really want a low ceasar with silver hair now.... man.... He had the best music and best videos ever. So unappreciated. White people think he was a one hit wonder with Thong Song but he is way more way beyond and to me an icon man. You don't understand how ahead of his time and amazing that silver hair is and was..... The shiny suits and the stomping air forces Sisqo really is an influence man. Nevermind some of the many pause worthy moments like that tattoo around his bellybutton but... He's the man. Made one of the most recognizable songs of all time and is an inspiration to me style wise. 

Kirko Bangz ft. Juelz Santana and 2 Chainz - Drank In My Cup Remix

OOOHHHH Man! This song is OK but, THIS MEANS JUELZ SANTANA IS BACK hahahahah He's been on a bunch of different songs and now he's on the official remix to one of the biggest songs right now. So excited. Still waiting for Killa Season 2 and Cousin Bang AND the Dipset album but.... A Juelz comeback is very necessary. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

ADEEN Summer Hats Preview!

Aw man what a great shoot! Tatiana looks so Kawaii in the ADEEN hat and Erika lookin sooooo badass in the KILL YOU! hat! Aw man brah this is gunna be a good summer for ADEEN!
There were more looks from me and Wataru but these are just a preview of the photos to be out soon(ish)! Hope you like :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chester French - Black Girls

Now I can't say I fully relate to the song but this video is REALLY good! Great video from Karmaloop and Chester French man. Seriously really good. Its not quite SFW but theres no nips cuz like.... its on Youtube lol but a must see!

Mishka 2012 Lookbook.... Yawn

*sigh* Looks like Mishka came out with a new lookbook and, oh my, they're using "hot" girls to promote your clothes to distract from subpar photography.... again. Don't they do this every season? And doesn't Supreme do this, but way better? Its like this isn't even fashion forward or like... any type of groundbreaking at all. I mean I get its Mishka and its a street wear brand but come on! You know how big the budget must be for a brand like Mishka? But yeah, call me a hater, call me whatever, but... this stunk man. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yeah man... Packing up these 130 hats... a lot of work! But boy does it look pretty cool haha Can't wait to walk into a store and see all of them in there looking like that. One day :)

Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

Maaaann these are awesome! I can't wait to design my own shades. But seriously these shades are so poppin. I wish I could wear them myself but they seem like a bit much for me... or guys in general. But yeah, wait till ADEEN makes shades yo.
Saw these on Swagger New York

Some Real Cunty People

Just a few pictures sent to us from Happy Customers! Aw man do they look awesome though! Send in your pictures wearing ADEEN and I'll blog about it for sure!

Andrej Has The Shirt I Want

Of course this hoe had to come over today wearing the ONLY shirt from the Supreme + Commes Des Garçon collab I wanted -____- Man.... I'ma take that shit next time lol
Normally something I wouldn't blog about, but this is LITERALLY the only shirt I wanted from the collection, and I specifically blogged about that too! lol whateva yo! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ADEEN 2012 Stickers!

The above picture is the first ADEEN sticker ever made, from 2010, above the brand new sticker for 2012. My how far we have come. Not quite 2 years into the game and so much has been done and while we remain true to our original vision, much has changed esthetically. We dropped a lot of the dead weight from ADEEN and acquired some new allies that have helped us out to new levels. Thanks to all of your support those reading this! Wether you were reading the blog since 2009 or this is the first post you read. I appreciate all of you! A sticker comes with every purchase or you can buy a stack for yourself at!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its Not Always Great To Be Michael Jordan

Oh man this was Hilarious. What a great commercial. I really feel bad for people with names of famous people haha

Alley Boy - I Say Video

One of my FAVORITE songs off of Nigganati. I wish the video had a LITTLE more too it but I fux with it overall. I love Alley Boy. He's making the best music in the south right now. Him and Waka... Maybe Future too. 

A$AP Rocky - Goldie

Ok So here comes my critique of the single from A$AP Rocky and Hit Boy. I like it. Its a solid cool ass song. I'll listen to it a bunch of times. But I don't know why I expected a high energy song that would knock in the clubs and radio and make everyone go crazy at the Brooklyn parties. I expected sum'n crazy from the Niggas In Paris producer, and kind of a Brand New Guys song from Rocky. But I like it. Can't wait for the album. 

Waka Flocka Flame Covers SPIN! Magazine

HA! Finally! Some non urban media fux with The Flame. Finally gunna have some cool pictures not just some boring ass urban hood ass magazine pictures lol But yeah! GUESS WHAT MAGAZINE I'M BUYING LATER TODAY!?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ro Ransom - Deadmans Wonderland

Finally. They released the song thats been on HEAVY play for a few months on my iTunes. This song is SO POPPIN! I hope they do a video for this Ransomnia coming soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enter KarmaLoops ADEEN Contest!

To celebrate ADEEN being sold on Karmaloop, they're doing a contest for one of the ADEEN rings! Just click the picture to go to the page to enter! Win win win! :)

Beau Monde - The Airplane Boys


Monday, April 9, 2012

Iggy Azalea in ADEEN

Different shoot same concept, same Australian Blonde.
Australian Magazine this time!

HYFR - Drake Video

Maaaaaannnn lemme tell you how much I love this video and all of its Jewy goodness (no homo). Like seriously I'm not the biggest Drake fan, but this video make me like him a bit more, its great he embraces his Jewishness and really show it to the world with such a GREAT video. 

NEW ADEEN Sticker Coming Soon!

Oh and you'll see that elsewhere on the blog soon too :D :D :D
But yeah this will be the new sticker.... if its not like $28718024 a sticker with all them colors lol 
But Aint it POPPIN THO!?
Designed by me and Ricci Steez of course :D

LADEEN ft. Andrej Pejic

So I was back in LA last week because Andrej invited me to be his escort for the New Now Next Awards! He was nominated for the Beyond Style award, so they put him (us) up in the W Hotel for a night. But we decided to get there the night before and stay at The Standard so we could have more time in LA. We had, soooooo much fun! Like it was crazy haha This was definitely more than a vacation than a business trip. Sure I did my networking and met a few people shook a few hands and all that, but it was so fun it didn't feel like work at all. Check out some pictures from the trip!
Yeah There are NO cabs in LA...
Safety first says the W, a bit classier than the Standard lol
This is how the Standard says it.... lol See what I mean? 
Andrej and Daver
W Hotel is #verynice
Me and Rye Rye, LOVE HER! And her song Boom Boom, ugh AMAZING
Andrej just being famous and popular, with some tacky man behind her
Neon Trees preformed 
Last Day Poolside Relaxation
My Outfit while I was waiting for her hair and makeup to be done
The Room At The Standard
Ok so the pictures are out of order but WATEVER ok!? So much fun haha Watch the #NNNAwards tonight on Logo to see if she won! :D

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coca Cola's Tribute to Fashion

"As the part of its “Tribute to Fashion” charity project, Coca Cola asked some of the best Italian designers to put their stamp on its limited edition bottle, including Moschino, Donatella Versace, Angela Missoni, Alberto Ferreti, Consuelo Castiglioni and Etro, who showcased their creations at the Milano Fashion Centre."

Which one is your favorite?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fan Art by Andre Walker

SWEET! Now I now what I would look like if I was in DBZ. I'd totally pick me in a fighting game.

Eat Your Vegetables - Childish Gambino

Shouts to illRoots for the new Childish Gambino
Some interesting things are said in this song lol
"Die for my hood, Trayvon!"
-___- lol c'mon Childish
"8 Goons and they all got felonies!"
lol yeah ok
"No one cares like its J.Cole Diggy! Jordan Diddy on my stereo!" 
LOL aw man, but at least he listens to Future lol
OHHHHHH Childish! You're still one of my favorite rappers

Jay-Z's Rocawear Commercial

This is actually a really cool commercial. Except for the fact that Jay-Z was not wearing a single piece of Rocawear the whole time lol Timbs, Yankee hat, Givenchy tee but uh... maybe the jeans were Rocawear? lol