Monday, March 12, 2012

My Week!

Has been busy to say the least lol So I haven't gotten a chance to blog really at all but here are some pics from the week to make up for it. Oh! And I have been running around with a disposable camera lately and just taking flicks of everything. I'm going to be uploading them on the blog and stuff so look out for that.
Shot for Depesha today, a Russian magazine, oh man so much fun! Was my first time modeling without a shirt lol 
Playing DrawSomething with Kam

Ok I had SOME free time

Who even cooks popcorn like this? My upstairs neighbour who has also never heard a Drake song. 
Kam claims to never give one coin words cuz she says its for poor people but look at this poor hoe smh she so fake
Somehow found more free time, but, I look ugly so whatever
Maison came by my house to interview and check out my new new stuff and did a little street style with me


Anonymous said...

where can one read the interview? or did they take a video?

∆DEEN! said...

it was a video! will be up soon!