Friday, February 17, 2012

Los Angeles and Las Vegas

The whole reason the blog wasn't updated for a week was because I was SUPER busy in LA and LV. Business in LA and more business in Vegas, trade shows and meetings and all that good stuff. Progress! I hate that the blog had to suffer but I am indeed back now! haha Here are some pictures from my trip! 
NY NY in Vegas

First day in LA 
I paid her 87 cents to take this picture

Just a night out in LA

So Happy I got to go!

JoyRich's set up in the LA store for ADEEN stuff :)

More of JoyRich's LA set up. I heard Rihanna came in and bought stuff too the day after :)

Diplo party in Vegas!

Roscoes has THE best Waffles ever.

I found god in LA

Bein artsy and chic 

The ADEEN set up in the suite in Vegas

The strip in Vegas!

and I got to see a hooker and her trick I was so happy :)))))
Over all lots of fun and lots accomplished! Hopefully after this you'll be able to see ADEEN in more than the already 13 stores we have accounts with! :)


Anonymous said...

keep up the great work remy!!

Sonja Sky Gatlin said...

congrats! thanks for sharing. I love your accessories.

Lando said...

Either that jesus dude is dumb tall , or you're dumb short either way funny picture. Also I want to congratulate you on your new found progress bro! You living out your dream is such an inspiration to me!

∆DEEN! said...

thanks you guys! :)