Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gorillaz ft. James Murphy and André 3000

Man this was a weird and awesome and cool video. With a great 2 minute verse from André 3000. Thank you Gorillaz.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

XXL Freshman Cover

Future, French Montana and MGK are all good in my book. 
Roscoe Dash been out for YEARS lol
Iggy caught some heat earlier but I'm not gunna harp on it even more
why is Brian Pumper on the cover?
Is that Diplo?
Danny Brown.....
and who is Kid Ink?
Anyway! Congrats on the cover to everyone! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Pokemon Game

It better be better than the 1st black and white Versions lol because.... they were really wack =/ lol
BUT! This is very exciting to me! The two legendaries look like a fusion of the last legendaries and the 3rd legendary
SEE THATS how bad the damn game was I didnt even bother memorizing the pokemon :'(


Ah man yesterday was super fun! Hung out with some new people and a lot of familiar faces :) Looking forward for whats to come ;)

Cam'Ron The Gangster Side

I have no idea what this could mean but... I hope it means a new solo album or solo mixtape from my favorite rapper of all time! 

Waka Flocka - Round Of Applause

It was a cool video when Waka was in it but Drake just looked so weird hahaha oh man, his lipsyncing was so off and just... i dunno it was weird haha but cool video non the less. 

Airplane Boys - Dictate

Mannnn this video is all types of amazing haha Such a cool concept and just a great execution. I can't wait for a Beau Monde to come out, thats my JAM haha

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shit Fashion Girls Say... About London Fashion Week

Is it Chic 30 yet? omg SO GOOD! I hope these go forever.

Interview With Kelsey Rose of 250

250 Adeen Interview from Kelsey Rose on Vimeo.

Cute short little interview I did about thrifting, my style and ADEEN. I mention a few good places to go shopping in the east village so watch and listen!

Barney's Warehouse Sale Come Up

Aw yeahhhh I got a Alexander Wang Sweater Dress thing, a pair of Alexander Wang sweat casual pants or whatever, annndd a cashmere Prada shirt all for $250! Oh and a James Perse long sleeve shirt. The ultimate come up breh.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sophia Grace & Rosie

I love everytime these girls are on TV. Ellen done created two stars! Sophia Grace can flow haha but I think she said "nigga" on TV..... lol It was cute though! I hope she doesn't catch flack for it, I'm sure she has no idea what it means and was just performing her favorite Nicki Minaj song and nothing more. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Vintage RuPaul

In the early 80's before the Drag, check out how deep his voice was. Aw man this is so cool to see. 

Odd Future - Rella

I'm only really a fan of Tyler's music, and he really really killed this haha He directed the video too. He did an awesome job so thats why he deserved a blog post. Not that he cares or should care. But yeah. Rad. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Market Week NYC

Today is the first day of Market Week in NYC and it was ttiiiirriinngg haha but I've gotten used to it by now! So fun though :)

Just a preview pic of the first today. 

Gee - Girls Generation (소녀시대) (Cover by @NylonPink) Wearing ADEEN!

Woah these girls are hot yo! haha Check the lead singer wearing a King Mickey Cuff from the Saturday Collection! Aw yeah! They sound great too!

What Sneakers I Wore Today!

Finnnaaalllyyy got to wear these again! I literally havent worn these since I was in Israel. I LOVED these sneakers. They literally called my name today I couldn't help but them. So happy :) Bape + Kaws I got for 100? I think? Perf though! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Los Angeles and Las Vegas

The whole reason the blog wasn't updated for a week was because I was SUPER busy in LA and LV. Business in LA and more business in Vegas, trade shows and meetings and all that good stuff. Progress! I hate that the blog had to suffer but I am indeed back now! haha Here are some pictures from my trip! 
NY NY in Vegas

First day in LA 
I paid her 87 cents to take this picture

Just a night out in LA

So Happy I got to go!

JoyRich's set up in the LA store for ADEEN stuff :)

More of JoyRich's LA set up. I heard Rihanna came in and bought stuff too the day after :)

Diplo party in Vegas!

Roscoes has THE best Waffles ever.

I found god in LA

Bein artsy and chic 

The ADEEN set up in the suite in Vegas

The strip in Vegas!

and I got to see a hooker and her trick I was so happy :)))))
Over all lots of fun and lots accomplished! Hopefully after this you'll be able to see ADEEN in more than the already 13 stores we have accounts with! :)

Ad For Central Institute of Technology

Now I DON'T think this is a real ad for that school, but I DO think its hilarious and awesome and would be a great ad for that school haha Amazing really

Spring 2012 T by Alexander Wang ft. Die Antwoord

YEAAAHHHH!!! Featuring one of the best songs off of the new album! Gunna buy some Alexander Wang just because now haha

The Airplane Boys - Alignment

WOW! Seriously an AMAZING mixtape. I don't know which is better this or the first one, but this one is pretty f*cking amazing man. Seriously if you don't become a fan of The Airplane Boys after one listen of this tape you just don't know music. Seriously man. So good. Just click the image to download the tape!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Charity Of MTV's Next

Never Forget

Waka Flocka Make-a-Wish Foundation

My man Waka Flocka came through and made a dying girls dream come true... by performing No Hands lol as funny as that is I think this is what makes Flocka such a great artist and person. I love Waka and I really think he's a legend in the making.

Galaxy Foamposite Unboxing

I literally don't want another shoe more than these right now. 
That is all.