Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Sneakers I Wore Today!

Today I went to pick up pieces I lent out for another Rye Rye video and I wore my Diors! Ok so now that I have both in black and in white I refuse to wear only one of them. I MUST stunt and wear both pair at the same time. Is it tacky? Yes! Is that why I do it? DUH! But! Here are some of the past shoes I've worn. I'll keep you up to date.... if you care! haha If not oh well I'll do it anyway cuz it looks cute on my blog :D
Obsessed with platforms if you couldn't tell. Oh and black and white shoes. Ok have a good day!


Joe said...

whats the second ones called?

Anonymous said...

why do you do it because its tacky?

also what were the outfits for all 3 sneakers?

∆DEEN! said...

The Second ones are Buffalo

and because I think overly gaudy and tacky things are amazing haha

and I dont have pictures of them sorry! :(

Anonymous said...

I remember I hella wanted the ones in black, back in the 90's, I wanted to get them when I was on a trip, but I never got them.

Sandy Davone said...

Love platform shoes. One reason is cause I'm Asian and it makes me look just a bit taller. haha. Have you seen the Jordan platforms ? I think they're dope.