Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today! January 3rd

Literally coldest day of life. What is it like....
Wow ok so I just checked and wow look at how freaking cold it is, and I went outside what is my life about? But I'm just a good grandson ya know, walking my Nana's dog and stuff for her because I'm just the best like that duh B)
No but for real I have a lot of hats to make today to send out to the show room and then I have a meeting in like an hour to get some F/W '12 ADEEN stuff made. Yes I am thinking that much ahead because, omg, we're actually doing stuff based on "fashion" time. I'm just thankful I shot what I needed to shoot yesterday and not today. Here is a sample picture. Enjoy see you laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Yah I picked the least clear one out of all of them duh

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Anonymous said...

your nana's dog thanks you - your nana thanks you and loves you. fyi it's now SIXTEEN DEGREES out there!