Friday, January 20, 2012

Super Saiyan & Sonic

Ahhhhhh SO! That time to try and dye my hair again.... Some of you may remember that I tried it a few months ago without bleaching my hair at all haha WHICH only made my scalp blue lol but thiiiisss time... I went blonde first. Now because I have a lot of red in my beard, i have to bleach it twice to have gotten it to the right color white, so it wouldnt turn green with the blue hair dye! So literally the worst pain in my life was bleaching my hair the second time I SERIOUSLY wanted to die it was horrible. But yeah I was happy in the end because it was a SUCCESSSSS haha :D
awkward photo of me in the end I was mid sentence but yeah there I am! Blue Hair! From Super Saiyan to Sonic! Finally :D My hair is blue! I'm soooo happy hahaha 

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Megan Snook said...

Haha looks good blue but i really like it blonde too