Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruby Rhod

Ok so pretty much I've been redefining my style, well... more like giving it a slight makeover, adding a few more pages to the comic book that it is. Adding a few more characters to the list of people that inspire my everyday get ups. First on that list of new people, is someone who, isn't very new on my list of style inspirations. Ruby Rhod! Now I'm not saying I'm going to be running around in cheetah jumpsuits but just... how eccentric of a character and how flamboyant he is, yet maintains that ladies man appeal. He's kind of like a caricature version of Prince. I absolutely love his outfits and Jean Paul Gaultier did his thing throughout the whole movie, it IS a movie, not everyday ready to wear. So the inspiration comes more so from the character and his overall look and personality rather than the actual outfits. Now, I know I'm rambling on and on and on but yeah I tend to do that sorry haha 

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