Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Sneakers I Wore Today!

Today I went to pick up pieces I lent out for another Rye Rye video and I wore my Diors! Ok so now that I have both in black and in white I refuse to wear only one of them. I MUST stunt and wear both pair at the same time. Is it tacky? Yes! Is that why I do it? DUH! But! Here are some of the past shoes I've worn. I'll keep you up to date.... if you care! haha If not oh well I'll do it anyway cuz it looks cute on my blog :D
Obsessed with platforms if you couldn't tell. Oh and black and white shoes. Ok have a good day!

How To Be Fabulous

Party Monster Party Monster Party Monster. What an amazing movie. I mean.... the acting sucked but it really was an amazing movie haha The fashion in this is amazing and I love it and wish I could dress like them... I'm actually trying to haha Well... taking inspiration from it. Making it my own ya know? But this is by far one of the best scenes are really all one needs to know on how to make it in NYC. Watch and learn children! 

Swagger 12 To Watch in 2012

Aw man! Thanks you guys at Swagger! This is poppin! Click the above picture to read up on Ugo and Andrej and the other people mentioned! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bear Attacks Woman

Just straight gives her the business. Whap whap breh. Tears. 

Ruby Rhod

Ok so pretty much I've been redefining my style, well... more like giving it a slight makeover, adding a few more pages to the comic book that it is. Adding a few more characters to the list of people that inspire my everyday get ups. First on that list of new people, is someone who, isn't very new on my list of style inspirations. Ruby Rhod! Now I'm not saying I'm going to be running around in cheetah jumpsuits but just... how eccentric of a character and how flamboyant he is, yet maintains that ladies man appeal. He's kind of like a caricature version of Prince. I absolutely love his outfits and Jean Paul Gaultier did his thing throughout the whole movie, it IS a movie, not everyday ready to wear. So the inspiration comes more so from the character and his overall look and personality rather than the actual outfits. Now, I know I'm rambling on and on and on but yeah I tend to do that sorry haha 

Kanye Kobe System

This is the best one yet. Kanye's acting is still.... questionable haha but his humor is undoubted in this. So great!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Countries & Cities by ADEEN! Shot by Alice Plati

Part 2! All photos by Alice Plati!

Last Night Was Poppin

Last night I went out with my cloob rat friends lol Kyle, Ej and Tatiana! it was glorious! I actually had so much fun haha i HATE clubs omg so much. But clubbing with Tatiana is an entirely different experience lol she knows everyone and is crazy hyper energetic and just all around poppin. No being fake fabulous standing around looking cute for us, no no no, we swagged and cooked and danced and were obnoxious! We sang Sonic Adventure 2 "City Escape" in the streets and eventually made Andrej leave where he was at to come play haha Ran into Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and he took my hat and wore it. I mean.... that was cute for him, but I don't know you like that Chuck Bass lol BUT YEAH ANYWAY! Last night was mad poppin so I did this blog post about it B)

Yah yah yah yah yah 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Countries & Cities by ADEEN! Shot by Alice Plati

Part 2 to come later....
All shot by Alice Plati
Models: Gitoo, Sade, Robot, Tyler White, Rembrandt Duran

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diggy Announces Album Title and Release Date!

March 20th yo!

Preview to Ferg Apparel

Super 90's logo. Kinda love it. Can't till I see more! 

Cat Eyed Asian Boy

Damn this is some real cartoon cool stuff yo haha his eyes are beautiful too! Wish I had a cool power like this -___-

Alley Boy Nigganati

Alley Boy's Nigganati mixtape drops today and I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED YO! I love Alley Boy's music, he's one of my favorite artists out and he just released a new song the day before his release, coming at Young Jeezy and T.I. called I Want In. I get terrified just listening to it. 

Andrej Pejic Kills JPG Haute Couture

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Andrej done collected the 7 DragonBalls and given the children eternal LIFE! 
Like seriously she, looked, amazing! Not one other girl looked as beautiful or was as good of a tribute to Amy than Andrej. She better bring home that dress too lol amazing! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ASAP Rocky Covers Complex

Congrats on ASAP Rocky's second cover man. This is so cool haha I mean even though its not my favorite cover and a way overdone reference of that infamous Warhol Basquiat poster. Its still pretty great he got his second cover already. Plus its kinda epic Complex got a fashion designer on the cover with a rapper. Thats cool. 

The Airplane Boys - New Blood

Faaaaccckkkk yes! The Airplane Boys are B A C K! And in true form with this poppin ass new single. Oh man I can't WAIT for the visuals. You can tell by the song the video is gunna be SICK! haha Beck Motley and Bon Voyage do it again.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama Blasts GOP Candidates on Booing of Gay Soldier at Debate

Just thought this was awesome :)

Die Antwoord - Ten$ion Trailer


ASAP Rocky - Wassup

Damn this video is entirely too crazy. And that white girl? Ridiculous. Love this. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Assman On French TV

Ok so a MINI cameo is made! haha in the form of a sticker on Andrej's laptop :D Kinda got a bit of a close up but yeah its just cool to me I dunno and its good interview with Andrej! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Car-maggedon GTA

I reallly reeeaalllyy wanna play when this mode is active oh my god this looks so fun and hilarious. Its like trying to survive on 5 stars on steroids. Ya know? Oh man, I miss GTA. 

CHRISHABANA Now Is Tomorrow 2012 Spring Summer Video


As always Chris comes through with a very weird but very cool video! 

RuPaul Drag Race Event

So the other day I found out there was an event at Patricia Field and RuPaul was going to be there and I freaked out. But then I realized it was a private event. BUT! Luckily for me I called my showroom in LA and they called and pulled a few strings and got my name on the list! It was for RuPaul's drag race premiere! Now I really never watched the show but, I mean it was RuPaul, and I just wanted the chance to meet him and tell him how much I love him and how much of an icon and an inspiration he is to me. SO! I did! haha So thank you to my showroom, Franco! :D Made me a very happy boy! Oh and every queen in there was gagging over the new new ADEEN ;D haha

Oh yeah Richie Rich my old neighbour was there too! Got to hang out with him too good times good times!

Friday, January 20, 2012

BTS Of ADEEN Countries and Cities Hats Photoshoot!

BTS Of ADEEN Photoshoot from Nunnies World on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Nunnie! Alice Plati is the photographer, and the models are Gitoo, Bidi Smalls, and Robot. Oh yeah and me haha :D Pictures coming soooooon! Hats too ;D

New Pokemon Game New Trailer

So it looks like it MAY be cool. MAYBE! But how they gon give everyone legendaries and then give yo ass an Eevee? The Eeveelutoins aren't even all that GOOD! lol Thats so unfair yo. Whatever. We'll what the reviews are when it comes out...

ADEEN Saturday Cuffs on Rye Rye In Far East Movements New Video!

Yeahhhh buddy! Rye Rye lookin too fly in the neon sqaure, circle and triangle Saturday Cuffs! Thanks to Hoza for doing such a great job styling the video :) So cool to see this haha I love it! 

Super Saiyan & Sonic

Ahhhhhh SO! That time to try and dye my hair again.... Some of you may remember that I tried it a few months ago without bleaching my hair at all haha WHICH only made my scalp blue lol but thiiiisss time... I went blonde first. Now because I have a lot of red in my beard, i have to bleach it twice to have gotten it to the right color white, so it wouldnt turn green with the blue hair dye! So literally the worst pain in my life was bleaching my hair the second time I SERIOUSLY wanted to die it was horrible. But yeah I was happy in the end because it was a SUCCESSSSS haha :D
awkward photo of me in the end I was mid sentence but yeah there I am! Blue Hair! From Super Saiyan to Sonic! Finally :D My hair is blue! I'm soooo happy hahaha