Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Roscoe Dash Says Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay Was Supposed To Be On WTT

Last week I had the pleasure in sitting down with hook extraordinaire Roscoe Dash who was in town doing some promo for his new EP J.U.I.C.E which drops December 20th. We discussed his new project, what we can expect from it and him being deemed a one hit wonder. But during our chat, Roscoe let go of an interesting tidbit: “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay”, one of Big Sean’s hit singles from his Finally Famous: The Album project, was originally constructed for Jay and Ye’s Watch The Throne. Crazy right? I’ll let him tell it, though.
“The way it happened was, I got the record a couple months before Sean got it. I tackled the hook but I didn’t really know how to tackle the verses because the beat was so crazy. That’s why I’m glad it actually got to their hands…..I don’t think anyone could have done it any justice. But Ye had hit me up to come participate on the Watch The Throne album and that was one of the first records I played for him to show the style I was on and what I was really doing at that point in time. He fell in love with it immediately, man. He grabbed the jump drive, threw it in my lap and said “I gotta do that right now.” He recorded his verse, two weeks later Sean was on it and it was out of here. At first it was intend for Watch The The Throne but I guess he felt Sean would make better use of it.”
Yah ummm I HONESTLY don't see how probable that is... lol I really can't imagine Jay-Z on it or that song fit on Watch The Throne at all. BUT! Its always cool to hear backstory on some of my favorite songs. But, Roscoe Dash definitely needs a few more people with that one lol

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