Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Louboutin.... What?

What..... why... who.... wh... I don't even know what to say.... Were these designed by the OMG Girls? Like... this is the same Louboutin that you all praise and lust after. Yeah y'all can HAVE these I'm GOOD.


Anonymous said...

These doesn't look good. The red snake skin isn't bad. It just look like Louboutin designed by Betsey Johnson.

Every collection has it hits and misses.

Nia said...

bahaha these are terrible!! and your comment sounded jus like what i said! u said were these designed by the OMG Girlz! lol These are shoes for those who want to say they own a pair of Louboutin

Karla said...

OMG Girlz, lmao.

Unknown said...

Lol these designs look like a really bad version of Pauls Boutique (a British brand) clothing + accessories, especially the first trainer .. Yukk.

Cher Lloyd in head-to-toe PB:

Their bags:

See what I mean?