Monday, December 26, 2011

Lil Kim Teaser

These pictures are actually on point. Looks like it could've been an editorial for something. Too bad she's going to be trying to be gangsta at 45 years old in 2012 and dissing Nicki Minaj again. She could really make it again if she just made music with people like Diplo and Rye Rye and house or go-go sounding people. Like Amanda Lepore and stuff. She will never be great again appealing to a lost audience of hood rats and old gangsters. 


Anonymous said...

You sound stupid Rye Rye and Diplo dont even have hits. stfu

Rye rye no where to be found underground. Hiphop and rap always been her audience why abandon that?

Anonymous said...

you idiots!! lil kim is 35 and not 45. do your research. lousy blog

Anonymous said...

she look 45 lmao

∆DEEN! said...

Rye Rye is more relevant in music than Lil Kim is.... and Diplo is a H U G E artist are you serious??? lol And where is Lil Kim's hits? Today? Donde esta? And she need to abandon it because they dont support her at all. Nothing shes done has been a success lately. But if you say soooo!

Anonymous said...

Rye Rye more relevant than LIL KIM? o_0 how do you sound? Lil kim promo picture proves she's more relevant than Rye Rye. How many records Rye Rye sold? Lil kim EP will be downloaded more than Rye Rye mixtape. Lil Kim black friday has more views than all of Rye Rye videos.

Diplo has 1 hit in 2011. Thats look at me now. His last hit was Flashing lights by kanye west. Thats far from relevant. Nobody is running to him for hits. I wouldn't call him in demand. He's not Hitboy, Calvin Harris, dr luke, bangladesh, no i.d., star gate. So stop it.

Lil kim hits today are the hits since 96 because she's still EATING off her CLASSIC HITS THATS STILL HITS TODAY. Her past hits still get more spins than Rye Rye singles. THATS RELEVANCY. Are you blind? She said she's coming in 2012. How they don't support her? Are you stupid? Urban radio will always spin a new kim record, THATS SUPPORT. Thats her audience and always been. She just happened to cross over into mainstream.

LEARN the definition of relevant. Im done *drops mic*

∆DEEN! said...

you sound so old. Diplo is as big of an artist as Kim WAS back in her day. Maybe even bigger, you got to think of MORE than just rap. Whens the last time you heard a song of Lil Kim's on the radio? A new song. When? Hmm? When shes AT the radio station? Girl stop. She is NOT mainstream AT ALL.

and Rye Rye was just an example lol but SHE IS doing songs with Far East Movement, who, are a pretty big group at the moment. Who kim collabing with? Uncle Murda? Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Im 21, you sound like you dont know the music business which you dont. Diplo as big as lil kim back in her day? 1 Lil Kim has more hits than diplo, 2 lil kim is a grammy award WINNER. SHES A PUBLIC FIGURE and thats BIGGER THAN RAP. Diplo is not a huge artist. Even when you search lil kim on google more results come up.

Your trying your hardest to make them seem bigger, and think before you speak because Rye Rye nor Diplo is as big as kim.

Last time I heard a kim record on radio was when she was on Monica- Anything but Ms. Wallace shut it down. It was getting crazy spins. Also hot 97 spinned "im not the one", "Warning","od". You keep saying when you heard a song, but when was the last time kim came out with an official single, with a label? 2009 she released a single indie "download" that went top 10 on urban radio (think hot 97, 105,) thats relevant. Black friday got crazy spins.

Once again you made a fool out of yourself, just because you dont put shit out every week doesn't mean your not relevant.

Anonymous said...

damn. diplo and lil kim. id listen