Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jimmy Vega's Random Rants

Hey guys! Yeah, just introducing a new segment called, Jimmy Vega's Random Rants. Just a few of Jimmy's outlandish and sometimes controversial thoughts and comments on everyday happenings. Inspired by the things on twitter, facebook, and of course the dumb things that get said to him everyday of his life. But! I do warn you that, they are a little out there and, do contain colorful language! If you are offended, please do not be! It is all for fun, and for the betterment of you guys! Take it as advice for what NOT to do, or just take it as a joke! But please, please. Do NOT take these seriously. Like I said, Jimmy means no harm. He just a damn fool. Okay! Here is todays rant, and a few others as examples for what is to come. Enjoy! 

Nah but for real I don't get when girls get upset when I tell them they man is ugly. B*tch you know what the mu'*ucka look like. You see him on the left side of your damn profile everyday, crustin up the ambience of the white and blue that is facebook. YOU have to kiss that ugly face, take his you-know-what that is ATTATCHED to his ugly face, and hold his ugly faceded hand. But you mad at ME cuz I'm tellin YOU somethin yo ass should already know? Girl...
White people love pointing out Im white when I point things out about things that white people do. Like boo I know! Why do you think I'm such an expert on us crazy white folk? I'm half a weirdo too ok! Damn, white people never mind they business sh*t. 

Having a playlist for your Boot Knocking is essential. It absolutely sets the tone for each love stroke you and ya loved one partake in. But if ya girl requests Lil Boosie or Max B she cheatin on you or has a history with filthy scoundrels. Be careful. Sh*t is real. 
I really find it super hilarious when people have their really unexciting jobs listed exactly on their facebook like, Front End Cashier at Wegmans. Who wanna know about ya struggle job ma? And Why you got it linked back to the company? They don't wanna claim you neither! 

And there you have it! Jimmy Vega's Random Rants!  He does one daily, so... prepare yourself!

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