Sunday, December 18, 2011

Charizard Or Blaziken?


Like... which one should I raise and train and put on my team? Or should I not bother replacing anyone on my team as it is? I want a fire type real bad, but my bumass friend Curtis thinks its cute to have legendaries on his team. Guy on the other hand is just weak and wack and doesn't know how to play. But whatever you know. I think Electivire should be fine on his own right? HELP!


Anonymous said...

my choice would be typhlosion =P but for these two i would really have blaziken

MEEEE said... already have a dragon type

Anonymous said...

teach Electivire fire punch at the move tutor.
Both Charizard and Blaziken have too many weaknesses to be good for your team.
also, fuck curtis for using legendaries.