Monday, December 5, 2011


SO! I was in Boston this Weekend! Visiting Eric, mah best frriieennddd and I just happened to see my friend Tulga too. Boston over all... kinda cool, filled with ALL colleges. Like... Who wants to live there? Its all college kids man haha But the shopping is surprisingly awesome yo. If you CAN'T already see those beautiful Givenchy sneakers :') I was so shocked! But yeah my night began as my phone died with that giant rice krispie's treat. 


Anonymous said...

how many best friends you have?lol

what did you pick up out there? (clothing/footwear wise)

∆DEEN! said...

I have a few! lol

and I bought a few button ups from the good will and like 7 Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs lol

Anonymous said...

Usek youramessy(seewatididthar?)

any of them button ups name brand?