Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Weeknd's Official Video For The Knowing

The Weeknd - The Knowing (Official Video) from xoxxxoooxo on Vimeo.

Ok! Opinion time! The video was eh. It was really cool and probably had some deep complex meaning behind it but... yeah I didn't really understand lol I mean... man I don't know it was some African stuff. But what I did know is that it was the same type of video that Cee Lo did for Bodies, not sure if it was the same director, but it looked like it. I thought it didn't really go with the song or the art direction The Weeknd normally has. It didn't have that same style, nor does The Weeknd really have references to Africa and futuristic things in his photography and stuff. So it really wasn't fluid when it came to his image. I feel like it could've been way simpler than it was, and have had way more of an impact. BUT! Abel is really the greatest ever, so, this song can never be ruined. Even IF the video was kinda eh lol But yeah! Enjoy! 

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