Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shooting Inside Juliet Supper Club

Aw man. RIP to the man who was killed last night at the club. I didn't know Juliet really got that hood. I used to go there allllll the time last year. Like literally every weeknight lol Kind of glad I got over that whole clubbing phase. Its such a shame that meatpacking clubs now might have to start searching people. It shouldn't have to be a problem that you want to go out and have fun without getting shot up at the club man. But of course there is some way that what happened last night had a little humor in it. Apparently one of the people who got shot (she's ok!) tweeted about it directly after it happened
Now who the hell thinks to tweet that as soon as you get shot????? Twitter would be the LAST place I go to if I just got shot lol and then later she twitpicced her bullet wound smh
But all in all RIP to the man who got killed last night. I hope everyone else recoveries 100%. Shame.

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Bambi said...

oh my fucking god.