Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Sources Of Inspiration: Eyes

In this case it comes in the form of The Dwarf In The Flask: Homunculus. You all should know by now that, I'm semi obsessed with Eyes and how the look and all that. Its a big part to how I decide if I'm going to date a girl or not all the way to if I will watch a cartoon or not. If the eyes arent right then, NOPE! Sorry! So the character Dwarf In The Flask Homunculus and Pride is soooooo perfect perfect perfect! I even dedicated a plush pin to the likes of him! The eyes all over the body is just amazing! Sooooo don't be surprised if you see something very soon :)

UGH! So goooood <3


Anonymous said...

fml is a an awesome anime saw the first version and the second version and at the end they are both very sad animes but is one of the best out their

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