Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flo Rida Is The Man

I think Flo Rida has got to be one of the smartest rappers of all time. He is pretty much the only rapper that, makes #1 hit songs and stays out of all BS and spotlight and scene things that are involved in the Rap game. He just comes out with Music, and it gets played on all the z100's of the country and makes white people money off of sales of his singles. He never has to sell a million records because he sells a million singles and ringtones and forever profit off of one or two songs off of his albums. Not to say his albums arent good! I bought his first album and still play it! But he knows whats good and stays in his lane. Salute to Flo Rida! Check out his newest song, which is.... honestly really really good man.
Here are some of his other songs I really like.
Damn I like a lot of songs lol

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