Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zeko Eon Photography Boyz Noize

Some of my favorite pics from Zeko's new photoshoot called Boyz Noize

More Fan Art!

I love getting drawings from supporters of ADEEN! :D It really makes me feel super great yo. Like... I know I used to draw the things that inspired me when I was younger, like, DBZ and Pokemon and Digimon. And to think people now draw me and my stuff, feels really really great yo. So thank you Ziah Johnson! So poppin!

My Team On Pokemon Soul Silver Version

Awwww yyyeeaahhh!! You see that Lv 100 Starmie? That Lv 97 Scizor??? He beat Ash on his owwwnnn brah! The other ones are just backup for now! But when they get up there? Sheesh its really finna be a wrap for all of you. I thought I lost it, but I found it again and couldn't be happier. 
And oh man this APP that I just got!? The Ultimate Dex app is AMAZING! So goooooooddddd if play pokemon and have 2.99 to spare, GET IT!

Childhood Relived

Yesterday I found a box that had all my old Pokemon games and my Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and my Beyblade and my old Digivice. Oh man I was so happy. Especially finding my Soul Silver, which I shall be doing a post on very soon lol but yeah, I was SO happy last night. I played myself in Yu-Gi-Oh! like 3 times last night like the biggest geek ever lol So happy! I know you see that OG 2001 Blue Eyes White Dragon

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sophia Grace's Moment For Life

Ok so this is the little girl that sang Nicki Minaj's Super Bass that got on the Ellen Show and all that cute stuff. This Video though... is like... eh. Its cool and impressive that she preformed the whole song, even Drake's part but like... it doesnt have the magic that the other video had. Its so forced, and in a studio, and like she doesnt seem to have had as much fun with her friend like she did the last time. The friend wasn't even there! Not to say shes not cute, it just comes off like the parents are milking this thing for all its worth and its kinda sad. Shes still adorable though!

ASAP Destroyer Jacket

So Dom and Bari got the chance to design a custom Destroyer Jacket for the A$AP crew. This is what they came up with. I think its pretty cool. The banners on the bottom right panel is the best, and the ASAP on the back too.

What do you guys think?

ASAP Rocky - Demons Video

When I first saw this I was like... ASAP really put this out? Like.... seeing their other videos and then this video, it didn't really make sense lol I was like ew this is kinda wack. And then I checked his OFFICIAL and ONLY twitter page and saw this.
Thank god! cuz that was sho wack! lol

The Airplane Boys Interview w/ Thisis50

If you don't know, EDUCATE yourself brah!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodbye To ATF

ATF PRESENTS: Drake at HMV Nov 14th for 'Take Care' Album Meet & Greet from Jordan Oram on Vimeo.

Yeah... Take Care Drake. 

David Urbanke Shoots Cooper Thompson

Styled by meeeeeeeeee :D I wasn't on set but I provided the clothing and stuff. Can't wait to see what it comes out lookin like. He's such a cool lookin model. Heres some more of his pics.
Hes not even signed yet!

Cam'Ron Bang Bang

Someone give Cam and Oscar and a Grammy already

Yesterday: Shooting With Zeko Eon & What I Was Wearing

Ok so yesterday I shot with Zander aka Zeko Eon Photography and this is what I wore to the shoot. Timbs, Black Ex GF jeans from Levis, Maroon Henley by Polo, Rugby Military Jacket and Fox Plush Stole and Snapback by ADEEN!

This is Kat modeling for Karen Civil finally haha She has on a new ADEEN hat as well. Can't wait to see what it comes out like!

Spin Magazine's Breakdown Of The Hip Hop World

Shout to Dyme-a-Duzin being on the list though! haha

Sunday, November 27, 2011

French Montana With Bad Boy?

"I’ve heard from a few sources that Diddy has managed to sign French Montana to Bad Boy records. I was skeptical at first but that was followed by Diddy being on the, “Shot Caller,” remix. I also heard it may be a jointventure with Bad Boy Records and MMG. Would this be a good move for French?"
Aw man I hope not lol That would be so boring and expected. I mean MMG would be good, but Bad Boy? You don't know how boring Bad Boy's roster is lol MGK Cassie and Red Cafe... and now French Montana.... yaaawwwnnn!!! Man watever happened to THIS!
Now THIS! Would be SO much better! French and GOOD Music would be awesome!

The Documents: Coming Soon?

So this Holiday weekend, Eric came back from college for a visit, and we started drawing and talking together. And we both decided it was time to bring back The Documents. The original comic strip that birthed characters you know such as Assman and Cloud, as you can see below, Tree as well. (Clever names I know lol) But Down below is a little preview of how it will be. The humor that is aha the illustrations will be better. This is a old comic strip I found when cleaning my room. I thought it was hilarious. Enjoy!


What started at midnight Thursday night (EST) continues through midnight "Cyber Monday" take 25% off all snap backs. Use the code Holiday25 at checkout.So like.... hurry and buy them at this special price before you can't anymore!
Brand new plush pins up in the store!

Go buy buy buy buy! :D

Future - Gone To The Moon Video

Damn yo.... this is a wack video but damn yo Future is really actually fly man. He can really dress! haha this video definitely shows that. He's really swagged out. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Weeknd Turns Down 7 Million Dollar Deal....

Bruh what.... 

Finished My Room!!!

this is my relieved face, my yeah muthaf*cka I'm finally finished face.
Whether you agree with me that its clean or not its clean to me, you can see my floor and everything is hung up until I ran out of hangers so TO ME thats clean lol DONT DEBATE ME BRO!

Its clean you guys ok.

What I'm Wearing

To clean my room! haha Ok so... this is a post about what I wear to clean my room.... plus! Bonus pictures of the bombzone that my room is. Its like... Halfway done at this point and I'm really happy cuz you can tottttaaalllyy see a difference from what It was before haha :D But yeah heres what Im wearing! :D
Aw yeahhhhhh lookin super fresh! lol Got my comfy Polo sweater shall thingy, my favorite pants, the Adidas Soccer pants and my most comfortable sneakers, The BBall Common Projects I think theyre called! Oh! And a Louis Vuitton + Murakami silk scarf wrapped around my head just for fun lol
Heres some pictures of my room :D :D :D I can finally see my floor!
hahaha yeahhhh gimme 20 more minutes and it'll be all swagged out and clean B)

The Weeknd's Official Video For The Knowing

The Weeknd - The Knowing (Official Video) from xoxxxoooxo on Vimeo.

Ok! Opinion time! The video was eh. It was really cool and probably had some deep complex meaning behind it but... yeah I didn't really understand lol I mean... man I don't know it was some African stuff. But what I did know is that it was the same type of video that Cee Lo did for Bodies, not sure if it was the same director, but it looked like it. I thought it didn't really go with the song or the art direction The Weeknd normally has. It didn't have that same style, nor does The Weeknd really have references to Africa and futuristic things in his photography and stuff. So it really wasn't fluid when it came to his image. I feel like it could've been way simpler than it was, and have had way more of an impact. BUT! Abel is really the greatest ever, so, this song can never be ruined. Even IF the video was kinda eh lol But yeah! Enjoy! 

What I'm Listening To Right Now

ugh yes

Beyonce - Dance For You Video

Well, well, well... Hey Beyonce.... how is ya? You feelin good? Cuz you lookin good. Lookin damn good. But who is that white man in the video? When you ever gunna put Jay in one of your love songs huh? Yeah... well I know the answer is never but still. He deserve it Bey!

ThisIs50 Interviews ASAP Rocky

Didn't post this yesterday because I thought this was old footage that just came out from his mixtape listening session but I'm pretty certain its more recent than that. Hilarious interview also btw! Definitely worth the 3 or 4 minutes! Nothing new is really said but, funny! haha 

Friday, November 25, 2011

50 Cent vs. T.I.?

which led toooooooooooo
I love these unlikely beefs! No homo lol but yeah! That would be a goooood one yo!

You Think Buu Sexy!?

Hey Girl You Think Buu Sexy??

Guy Breaks Into McDonalds and Makes Himself Food

Yo my mans.... Who the hell breaks into a McDonalds to make themselves food? Does he know theres probably another McDonalds thats 1 mile away that is open 24 hrs? Those definitely exist man. And how the HEEEELLL does he know where everything is??? Who taught him how to make a Big Mac?? What kind of tom foolery was this? He had to be high or drunk or something cuz this aint regular bruh

Wale and Rick Ross Cover Billboard!

ROZAY! And uh.... his velociraptor looking friend (lol jk Wale watsup!) Cover Billboard magazine! I take this as Rick Ross comeback move after his seizures and his album push back. But yeah he's definitely coming back soon. ROZAY!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bonus Picture from Upcoming Shoot

Ha! So Jeiroh wanted to have a little fun and channel Andrej's famous rose in mouth picture for this one shot. He said he'd been wanting to do it for a while with someone, and because this was gunna be one of his more fun shoots, that we'd do it. So here it is! I mean I'm no Andrej but I like it haha
I promise I won't use it in music video or on a T shirt lol

Yellow Roses

For The Holiday Weekend

Plushie House Of Balloons

Releasing This Weeknd

Cee Lo - Anyway Video

OOooooohhhh mannnnn Cee Lo is rereleasing his album The Lady Killer with 4 brand new songs and this is the first one! Now the song is great and amazing and I love it so much.... but that damn video... is so wack lol oh man. So low budget and stuff.... so wack lol but... the song itself is amazing :D can't wait till the other 3 songs come out!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Congrats Childish Gambino!

Awww yyyeeaaahhhhhh Congrats Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino did solid numbers for his first week sales! He didn't have that much promotion or a lot of buzz in the rap world. Not much radio spins but, still managed to do more than Tyler The Creator's debut, and it leaked early! But, again, congrats!

Rihanna's Talk That Talk

So like.... half of the album is amazing. Half of it I really just skipped lol But here are the best songs, in my opinion. Its worth buying for these songs alone. But illegally download the extended non album version of Birthday Cake. It will change your life

And Red Lipstick but thats a bonus track not on Youtube lol Yeah!

The Most Classic Youtube Video Ever

So me and Dolnenzo were talking last night about this video and I watched it again and I was crying sweet and sour tears of struggle and laughter yo. It was the greatest thing to revisit this video after like 2 years. Enjoy the famous My Way parody of Juggernaut.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Diplo + Airplane Boys!?

The Airplane Boys

Mentioned in this Tweet

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    crooklyn. wake up with my guts knotted up and ears open like a burnt down hut.
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    feeding these streets

    SAY ITS TRUE! PLEASE SAY ITS TRUE! Oh man I really hope this is trueeeeeeeeeeeee!