Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tragik Lifestyle

TRAGIK LIFESTYLE from Tragik on Vimeo.

Featuring me and some other cool people. I love this video yo.  The hat is so poppin.


Broke College Student said...

The video is filmed absolutely amazing.
Ya know, typical way videos are filmed nowadays but whatever I loved it. Very "modern hipster".
BUT, it seemed like y'all had ZERO chemistry, it just looked awkward for you. Dah bitch in dis video is beyond a betty, she's perfect. The hat is on the thousdandz too. Pretty much a successful video IMO.

Anonymous said...

what is the song being played?

Dominika said...

Just started following your blog (after being introduced to it by a fellow Baruch student ;) ) and I'm realllly impressed! The video is really visually stunning, and I'm searching for that bandana as soon as this is posted. Cheers!