Sunday, October 2, 2011

Style: The 90's

The 90's. The single greatest decade in fashion. Well, in my humble opinion that is. The 90's ushered a sort of "golden age" in style, with new ideas about the future and the present displayed through clothing and self expression in  art. It brought us some of the most iconic models and showed us some of the greatest collections from the biggest fashion houses had to offer, solidifying their names in the fashion history books. What was the modern hippie era in style and fashion, all about love, color and playfulness, seemed like a dream looking back. Some say it was an amazing, fabulous and golden era in fashion, others say it was horrible, tacky and weird. Either way it was so bad or so good, that it was amazing. 

With neon, metallics and other bold mediums of color and fabric its easily my favorite decade in fashion. Materials that were used back then would never be considered high fashion or upscale. Now a days it seems like "if it ain't black, its wack" and to me, that in itself is "wack". I feel like its the lazy way to dress, its like cheating. It takes away the challenge of combining colors, dressing for the season, and just coming up with more creative outfits and clothing combinations. With things that are all black, you could literally wear the same outfit for a week straight without anyone noticing.
Now of course women's wear got the better treatment and more attentions, as usual. All the way from accessories to clothes to shoes, the women got it good. I mean they always had, but this time especially. Thats not to say the men didn't get amazing stuff! It was an age in fashion that but a baby's foot in the world of androgyny and men dressing more... care free? Where they stopped caring about looking "gay" and just dressed for the love of style. Dying your hair different colors, wearing lots of accessories, furs and boas, colored sunglasses, and even platformed shoes. Well... The only real evidence I have is from movies like Hackers, Clueless and The Fifth Element. But from what I remember of the 90's it was historically fashionably accurate haha
Everything about the 90's screams ADEEN. Fun, Color, Neon, Metallic, Scandalous and Theatrical. ADEEN and I both to be honest, and since most of my cartoon influence's are from the 90's it only makes sense I dress appropriately. This post is as big as it is to show you all just how important this decade was and still is to me. A lot of my collections when I begin to do clothing will be very 90's. But in a modern way. Death to all black everything. Bring back color, fun, love and 90's style and fashion.
 I hope you enjoyed this. I might do more!

Oh and here is my attempt at 90's fashion in under 2 minutes to walk my dog lol
How'd I do?


Anonymous said...

Remy I love you from Ms Poland lol

Anonymous said...

so you finally embracing the fact that you are a hipster huh?

Anonymous said...

HI REMY! You know I am the biggest supporter of all things 90's and the other day, someone told me she thought the 90's was the worst time for fashion. It took all I had to not lunge at her across the table!

Great pics for 90s fashion


Anonymous said...

Loves it!

Unknown said...

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