Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Navajo" Print?

Is the trend dead? Over killed? Over used? Or just now being used in the wrong way? I first fell in love with this stuff about a year ago, maybe a little more. Not gunna say I was totally aware of this before it became trendy, but I have a habit of finding things out a month of two before they blow up. All of that aside, I think its a little dead... I own a few pieces of this native american print clothing, and I love the pieces I do own. But then I see a lot of these lower cheap brands, trying to grab on to the trend and making ugly versions of it and just like, kind of killing it, making it kind of corny. 

Now These are all fairly decent examples of good the print but.... still man, I feel like my idea of the print is totally morphed into something different. In my head it seems over done and played out... I mean Im not gunna stop wearing the pieces I have them joints is fire still man haha but yeah. Thats just how I feel. Your opinion?


Deirdra said...
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Deirdra said...

I absolutely agree...

I love Navajo print, but the trend is definitely starting to burn out because people aren't rockin' it properly! As you mentioned, many cheap brands make ugly versions, & sadly some people cant tell the difference, or dont care... killing the look.

Its also nice to have a sick ass printed shirt, bag, etc. that's limited... & that's pretty much impossible w/ stores like forever 21 selling merchandise like that cuz everyone will have it. [not knockin' f21, im just sayin... lol]