Friday, October 7, 2011

More LA Stuff

Yeah yeah yeah! I'm back again with story time! So LA has even better today than anything. I had a few meetings with some stores, that... well lets say it was more of a "Hi hey wow love your stuff when can it be in the store?!" than a meeting or discussion lol But! Let me not brag or get ahead of myself. I'm just really excited that things are going so well here in LA :) Gives me confidence that when I start to do these kinds of things in NYC it will get the same results. 
lol me tryna be kY00t~*~*~
Ok So then after the meetings with the stores I had a second meeting with Magnet showroom that went excellently. Franco you are the greatest! Shouts to you! haha Aw man. Not gunna say too much, but I'm very excited and happy about how the meeting with Magnet went :)
Magnet + ADEEN
Thank you Ugo and thank you Daver :) Without you guys, this trip would be no where near as beneficial and amazing and just overall fun without you. I know who my true friends in this industry and world are yo. For real. If I wasn't such a G I might shed a happy tear or two but, chill I'm too icey for alladat! lol But I am forever indebted man. Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

I'm just trippen how when i first started getting into your blog you went from collaborating w.jovany to you just doing you ya knw wanting to accomplish so many things and now youre doing it...its just amazing seeing it...good job and best of luck! your gonna go far kid :]

∆DEEN! said...

thanks yo, glad youve enjoyed the ride so far! a lot more to come! :)