Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Louboutin: Overrated, Overdone and Overhyped?

Look at these
The "classic" louboutin heels. With the red bottom. How cute. *rolls eyes* Yeah girl ok, whatever. What I think about when I see girls fiend and spend a whole months paycheck on a pair of simple basic cliche heels like the ones here, it does not make you stylish, clever or cute, it makes you unoriginal and unimaginative. The same goes for the men who do the same for those overdone spiked sneakers. Sure they are nice and cool and yeah watever, but no they do not make you "fly", "fresh" or "cool". Kanye once again ruined an entire line of sneakers and shoes for the world lol BUT! Not to say that it doesnt have its good pieces! Like every line it does. But to me... Its image has depleted greatly. Again, thats just my opinion, if you like them thats cute for you! Enjoy!

Ugh ok now here are the good ones :)



Anonymous said...

but rem, dont you rock an Lv duffel? I could say the same thin about Lv and all the lv hoes who love that shit smh....the Lv (as well as gucci) brand has been ruined....i'v WAAAAAY too many ghetto,ugly,fake,etc. bitches wearing fake ones to the point where unless you are a white women and have a well put together outfit, i assume it's a fake bag.....overall the shit is tacky and for hood/ghetto bitches who think mainstream is everything

∆DEEN! said...

there is a BIG difference. Louis Vuitton and Gucci has been around for more than 20 years. and I Travel with it lol its my travel bag

derita said...

you do not travel. where you been in tha pass 3 years?

answer dat?

∆DEEN! said...

wait are you serious lol Ive traveled more places than some of your favorite rappers have

Grand Caymen
St. Thomas
Puerto Rico

and thats literally just the last 3 years, you dont want me going back 5 years lol

alisha said...

I don't think Kanye ruined the whole Louboutin shoe line. I actually think that he did a good job self-advertising the loafers and just added more to their publicity. And I don't remember any hype of him wearing the sneakers. I think it's a little extreme to say that he ruined the entire line.

My honest opinion though is that Christian Louboutin sneakers were a little overhyped last year but the pumps and heels were always subtle and on point...though I don't wear heels often.

Anonymous said...

and your point? so what if they've been around for over 20 years? and I find it funny that you find lv okay just cause you own an lv bag yourself *rolls eyes

ROXY! said...

i think that they are chill shoes like not everything in your closet has to be so out there and different those are the shoes you would wear if you want to wear a simple basic outfit

Anonymous said...

Louboutin has been around since 1991, thats 20 years. Gucci has been around for over 70 years. Louboutin is just as reputable and just like Gucci or Louis Vuitton or Chanel, they are QUALITY which is why they should be bought, not because of the hype.

louboutin said...

In this modern and fashionable society, people are pursuing for louboutin cool, unique, stylish and innovative.

Anonymous said...

Youre mad as hell you cant afford louboutins? overrated? who can afford $1000000 gorgeous shoes?!!
also, louboutin shoes are made of th best materials on earth,the people who handmake the shoes are handpicked specially! unlike mass produced sheos that cut up your feet!
quality equals money! thats like you saying sephora and mac are overrated and cheapie brands that are not pigmented and not of good quality arent!
youre angry you cant afford it! LOUBOUTIN shoes are known worldwide! and they have history!
take your rageddy jealous ass elsewhere