Thursday, October 6, 2011

LA So Far

I been busy y'all. My bad. Wassap doe? LA is so poppin. Got so much done in these last two days and seen so many people. First and foremost thanks to Ugo and Daver, who have been, a H U G E help with everything. If I did nothing for the rest of the week, it would have still been a successful ass week... So thats how well things have been going. On a different note! Here are some pics I've taken so far lol 
What I wore on the plane. A$AP swag on the wrist. 
literally HAD to

Like.... UGH! You've never had waffles and some chicken until you've had it from Roscoe's man. For real. So freakin good. But yeah! Met Maura Chanz and then later met up with my LA boo thang Tragik! And we partied and went to a club and yeah yeah yeah it was SWAG! Check it!
Always wanted a Tragik stamped picture yo. Glad I got one with an ADN thing right next to it. Thats poppin brah. I love her <3 But yesterday I had meetings and meetings and more Roscoe's. Both went excellently might I say. So I'm happy :) Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

nooo I WANNA meet whitney!!!!!