Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kanye West Presents Dw

Opinion Time!!! :))))))

No. No Kanye. No. This is not what fashion is about homegirl. You can't just take a bunch of your favorite designers and design your line to look like a collage of all of them. This collection looks like a mix of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Celine. The best looks were 9, 10, 12, and 15 and even those were somewhat ill fitting and poorly executed and awkward looking. It honestly looked like a high budget FIT fashion show. I did like the big white heels the women were styled in, whether they were Mr. West's design or not. I feel like if Kanye had just come out with an upscale street wear line for men, he would have had way more success. His demographic and main audience is not what this line is trying to appeal to, and it is not well made enough to get editorials in these big fashion magazines. Hopefully it does well regardless of the lackluster outcome. I really want Mr. West to do well. He just... didn't this time. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, It's not completely bad, but it's clear where he got his "inspiration" from. I do like looks 1, The Top of 3 (not the pants), 6, 9 (Just the backpack) and 15. But I feel like this wasn't all him, I feel like he had some help. But I totally agree that his line has a combination of Alexander Wang, Jil Sander, Celine, and Givenchy. I saw the picture of him at the end of the catwalk and it's wired, I don't think this is his avenue. I feel like he should just stick with music, which he is incredible at. If he continues, I don't know if he will last? The fashion world is pretty challenging, competitive and harsh. I could be wrong, but who knows?