Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Don't Understand

These rock and roll band names man, like seriously. They must have some sort of system or random name generator or like... when you go to put a link somewhere, and the site opens up that captcha thing? And it gives you some word you have to put in so it knows youre not spam? They must use one of those things yo. How else would you explain some of the names they come up with? Like, Panic! At The Disco or Drops of Jupiter and like Fall Out Boy or whatever other names these bands have. Oh and there songs! Sometimes they have nothing at all to do with the actual content of the song like uh.... I dunno if you ever saw the names of these songs but.... They make absolutely no sense at all, it could be a song about love and the song name will be "Snickers and Basketball Are My Only Hope" or something crazy like that man lol But yeah anyway this is just an observation and a rant. I know Rapper names kind of sound ridiculous at times but like.... at least most of them were actual nicknames in the streets or something. But... yeah anyway here are some examples lol

and do you see how long that song name is??? lol really?

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Anonymous said...

That's what makes the different. I mean would you really listen to a band named Pencil or something? lol