Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Store of the day: Bodega (Boston Edition)

Bodega Located at 6 Clearway St, Boston, MA 02115  has a gimmick. From the outside, it looks like your regular , sketchy grocery store. But on the inside, after going through a pepsi machine ( no BS) you are welcomed into this amazing store full of mostly skater-ish clothing. Brands such as Acronym, Adidas x Ransom, Norse project and even OriginalFake are all here. The variety is limited but the brands showcase some of there best stuff here. 
I enjoyed my stay today, Thanks to the owner of Bodega for complementing my hat ( ADN all white). 
Shout out to Tulga , I promised I would shout him out lol.

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Anonymous said...

did you buy anything?