Monday, September 12, 2011


Sooooo my work schedule has been C R A Z Y recently especially with the upcoming release of the new Saturday line coming from us. No its not coming OUT on Saturday, but the line is CALLED Saturday haha BUT! Sorry about the lack of blog posts. I'm trying to find a few bloggers to help out with the day to day. Being busy is good, but I shouldnt let my blog suffer because of it! So to make up for it I'll put this pretty picture of the styled product shots of the Saturday line we had taken. :D please forgive you guys! haha


Anonymous said...

do u like black girls

Anonymous said...

i mean like would u eva date them? bcoz yor pctures r of white women!

Miguel E. Acosta said...

Hey, Cool picture bro. Can't wait for the finished product! If you ever need a blogger, let me know.