Saturday, September 24, 2011

Preview: Shooting With Sarah Kjelleren

Photo By Sarah Kjelleren

OK So the first one is shot by Sarah herself and the rest are behind the scenes shots my mom took. It was a fun shoot. When I get all the pictures I will also be debuting some new plush pins to come out soon as well :) 
oh and is that a new hat?


Anonymous said...

i see im gone have to loose weight to fit them swag ass bangles

Anonymous said...

yo rem 2 questions

1) what kicks are u wearing in the first pic? (wit the varsity on)

2) whats the designer of the black button up you have on? (the one you have on wit the sunglasses)

∆DEEN! said...

1) I had on Stubbs and Wooton slippers

2) Club Monaco!

Anonymous said...

slippers? those dont be hurtin ya feet? lol