Monday, September 26, 2011

Prada SS 2012 Heels

So first of all I wanna say is that, excpet for the leather skirts, Prada's SS '12 show was amazing. It was very classic, simple and nice. I liked what I saw, clothes wise. BUT! This blog post is not about the clothes... It is about what Miuccia decided to do with them shoes girl... Uh uh. Nah. We must discuss these things Miuccia. What were you thinking? Take a look...
Like... the first two? A lost cause. To do this way overdone and played out theme and apply them to  shoes is just... I don't get it. The flames on the wedge look cheap and the heel is way too short on the green one. The second two are actually not so horrible. Good, original concept, but poor execution in my opinion. So much more could've been done to these, especially with the brand that released them. But of couuurrssee because it is almighty Prada they will be praised as amazing. All 4 of them will. Anyway! Enough of my ranting. Please go check out the actual collection and clothing, it was great. Just please whatever you do! Avoid staring at this leather skirt for too long. It will hurt your eyes! 
Ok so the shape is pretty A+ but... that damn car... lol


Anonymous said...

this whole collection is so miuccia though. she loves excessive prints, graphics, etc. its so miu miu reminiscent that it almost doesnt belong in a prada collection. either way, shes a goddess.

∆DEEN! said...

Youre right! it was VERY Miu Miu. Didnt connect the dots until now!