Monday, September 26, 2011

NYC hidden gems:Stock Vintage.

Stock Vintage ,
located on 143 east 13th street
Has to be one of my favorite stores i've never bought anything from.The Collecton of vintage Menswear will have your jaw on the floor, and its rare to find vintage stores focused mainly on me. But do NOT get confused, this isnt your normal, 5$ for a shirt and jeans type of vintage spot, things can get a little pricey but worth it. Top 5 stores to Visit in NYC ( for me at least)


Anonymous said...

Eric your the man, where are your other favorite thrift stores around the city...btw i love that your blogging now, no more pokemon posts lol

Anonymous said...

^word...and now there will be dare I say, more posts......(and not of betties and the same old shit) yo eric have you considered doin an outfit of the day paerhaps? it'd b interesting to see how you dress as well

Anonymous said...

lol i couldnt agree more with the whomever above me, no hating, this blogs popping, and yeah eric outfit of the day, why not..get your fame while you can lol