Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Instagram Fun

More Previews via Instagram
Plush House Of Balloons 
Church & State Plush Pins
So I've been really been tested to be on my A-Game to try and compete with Eric for these quality blog posts lol
But the thing is... He can't give you ADEEN product exclusives like I can! So HA! Take that Eric lol
But heres a preview of some up coming releases and some possible releases. What do you guys think?


Unknown said...

1 Question: I always see you make these plush pins, like the ballon the cross, n the Amercian flag pillows, where do they go? I mean besides pictures on your blog post, will they be avaiable on the shop?

2. How much for the Batman ring?

3. I respect your blog , I like that you do the Drago nBall z post. Keep grinding- Tristan MuffinBoy

∆DEEN! said...

1. The Balloons are just samples for now. But the State and Church Pins are to be for sale in October.

2. Going on sale soon!

3. and thanks thanks! Much appreciated lol at least someone likes them besides me!