Monday, September 26, 2011

I Really Like These

Creepers, wedges, platforms whatever you wanna call them. I like them. A lot. I want a pair. Prada did them and unfortunately, everything Prada does, goes gold. Or in this case, becomes trend. I have a pair in Air Force form by HOOD By Air. I love them soooo much. I never really have the courage to wear them a lot of places because... Its kind of hard to holla at shorties with wedges on lol BUT! Whatever I don't care. I'ma buy a pair of creepers, which are less high, and a bit more masculine. I like the look, even though they dont look particularly comfortable lol BUT! again I don't care, this is fashion and you must suffer for fashion. Blood, sweat and frostbite for fashion... and style. I just really like the look and I hope it doesnt become TOO trendy and turn ugly and stuff =/ These are the ones I have btw

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Bambi said...

da creepers on tha skateboard