Friday, September 30, 2011

Style: Children.

Take Notes , future parents.. Do not just shop at Baby Gap and call it a day, Make that Child of yours fresh, it reflects on you as well. If your kid is dressed like a bum, the parent is a bum. Be creative with there outfits. Yah know, when ever you have kids and stuff haha

Kid Cudi Kills my Childhood.

 Sooooo, Kid Cudi, who i respect as a musician ans bought both physical copies of his albums killed these in a bad way. Like we all fell in love with the Nike Mags when Marty Mcfly put them on and he had soo much swag and the jeans complimented the sneakers so well..
Then..Kid Cudi wore them and they really didnt look all that appealing to me. He could of done soo much with his outfit, not even on some futuristic type clothing or anything but.. Iono man, thoughts?

P.S only worldStar video i'll ever post here. My apologies haha


For me, Style should come natural, you should already know what looks good on you and what colors clash if you market yourself as a "stylish person" or a "fashionista". Spending too much time on putting an outfit together will reflect in the outfit, it'll look like you tried TOO hard. which brings me to my next point, Socks are dope. Now i havent been a big fan of socks for a while, (i blame my hispanic roots) But the little details in an outfit can stand out more. It's getting Colder, so warm up your feet with some Dope socks and dont go to high like Tyler the Creator or Steve Urkel, but if the socks look good, make em peek out a little. Just a suggestion

Destinations: Tokyo

The only other city i would ever love to visit is Tokyo, Japan. Its like a whole city full of Tech nerds and gamers ,In fact one of the biggest celebrities is a gamer for StarCraft. The beautiful lights, the food, the culture, the advertising, Everything about Tokyo is amazing and worth seeing. I havent been but i CAN NOT wait till i grace the city with my presence haha

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arale New Era Hat

Oh.. My.. God.. I really want this hat. Not because I'd ever wear it. But just because I want it as a collectors item. Plus I'm making so-.... you know what I'm chillin. Y'all will see it when you see it man lol smh

'twas a perfect cartoon :')

Swimsuits In Fashion

Other than the obvious reasons, I think swimsuits look EXTREMELY poppin when it comes to editorials and photoshoots. Especially that last image. Literally my favorite image in a women's editorial. Theres something high fashion about a swimsuit. Maybe its the risque aspect of it. Maybe its the simplicity or maybe its the fabric used? Either way I would love to design a swim suit for men and women. The women's one would be more fun and kooky though. The sad truth is that you can do so much more with women's wear lol But either that or incorporate a swimsuit in one of my next look books. I love it.

ART: Comic Pop Art

I love Pop-Art. Period end of story. But not that simple Box, and one color stuff some artist try to pass as Art. Def on my list of To-Do: PopArt

Print: Navajo

One of my favorite prints of last season and even this season is navajo prints. The colors,the shapes, the sharp edges make a shirt come to life. RRL has some amazing button ups if you're looking for some.
 My next project incorporates this print, cant wait to show you guys.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Justin Bieber - How To Love

Yo my man J. Biebs is KILLIN these covers!!! Oh man first Trust Issues and now this? For all these Bieber haters... yeah hes deff showing you guys hes ACTUALLY talented. Yeah, keep these up J.Biebs. 

Trav ft. Sean Kingston - Up And Down

Normally this kinda music wouldn't get a post. Even though it is REALLY catchy haha But its too poppy for me. But what really caught my eye was.... them gorgeous ADEEN plush pins all over the leading ladies in the video B) They were obviously swaggin yo haha Check it out! Thanks Pedees!

Quinn Aston in i-D Magazine with ADN

Awwwwww yeah! Quinn looking too fly styled by Ugo Mozie in ADN and.... Jeremy whats his face lol But aw yeah! Good lookin out Quinn and Ugo! I gotta get that issue. Swag.

Skate Deck Art

As some of you may or may not know, I'm an Artist. I paint, draw, do graphics, you give me something i'll draw on it/with it. I have always, always , always wanted to make my own deck and i don't even skate. Someone send me a blank deck i could personally design and you wont regret it. Can't wait till ADEEN! drops decks haha jk jk or maybe not :D