Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The White Whine

“I am going to fill your car’s grill with camambert…” The Whitest threat ever!
Because Dads don’t care about the Internet. 
I guess you could stop…?
“This is as unacceptable as how Egypt’s government treats their citizens.”
“At least the other five are still here…”
I feel your pain…
“First, I threw 20 or so pennies straight into the trash can”
“And it’s made out of elephant tusk!”
Maybe not all families need that many avocados?
The important thing is that you arrived drunk. 
ohhhhhhh white people. I love White Whine its so hilarious. #WhitePeopleProblems Its Ironic that the person who showed me this could definitely have ended up on here a few times lol thanks Amanda! 

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