Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch The Throne vs. Ferrari Boyz

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Now for those who do NOT know, I am a HUGE Kanye, Gucci and Waka Flocka Flame fan. I also happen to think Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time. So before you say oh he's bias and or just saying this..... you are wrong. Anyway! Let me begin.
Watch The Throne was Very Good. Not Great. Not Amazing. But it was Very Good. I didn't like every song on the album. Jay-Z bored me a few times on the album but Kanye was on point just about on every song, outshining Jay-Z pretty much every time. The same can be said for every song on Ferrari Boyz. Waka out shined Gucci on almost every song, where as Gucci bored you a lot. The beats on both albums also left somewhat disappointed. I wish Ferrari Boyz was more like Flockaveli or like The State Vs. Radric Davis, high energy and fun. It seemed like it was one of Gucci's mixtapes, which have been very boring recently. Waka carried Gucci with high energy flows and verses much like Kanye did for Jay-Z. I don't think Waka had the same motivation to out-rhyme Gucci that Kanye had for Jay-Z but, either way it happened. Now it wouldn't be fair of me to say Ferrari Boyz was as complex and intricate as Watch The Throne. WTT was entirely better sounding when it comes down to it. But if were talking about which has more replay value, in MY opinion, and which has more bangers on it? Which will I enjoy more in 6 months and still jam bounce and bump to? They are about equal. They both have their stand out tracks, and they both have songs I skip immediately. I have a serious dislike for uplifting and concious songs, so therefor Made In America gets the entire eff up out of here. That Welcome To The Jungle song is the most boring Swizz Beats beat in years, that Beyonce track gets out of the paint too. Primetime, The Joy, and the second half of Who Gon Stop Me also get the finger touch to the next song treatment. Thats entirely too many songs I want out of the paint for me to really consider this album to be a great album. But the songs I do like? Are Amazing to me. Now, heres the thing, I like about as many songs off of that Ferrari Boyz album, BUT! Because its not as well put together, not as much time was put in, and isn't as sonically intricate and complex does that make it not as good? Even though there are just as many truly listenable songs on it than Watch The Throne? No. To think a song has to be that complex for it to be considered good, is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. But as far as making a long story short, I give WTT a solid 8 and FB a good 7.5. Self Made Vol. 1 on the other hand still gets a 9. But you all will disagree with me anyway lol 


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great review, but like u and other sites u, u hit the nail on the head, the WTT is not great. so how come u still gave it an 8. I'm deleting it from my itunes and i'm sorry they got me to buy the physical. because of the rollout & design.