Saturday, July 2, 2011


Awwwwwww man ya'll! Toronto is one of the greatest cities Ive visited, everyone is super nice, the boobs are amazing, and just stuff man, stuff. It was great, and yo, I was surprised that a bunch of people knew what ADEEN was and who I was. Well, thats what happens when youre married to the most important 19 year old in Canada on facebook :D haha But it really felt good to get recognition in a city and a country where I've never visited before. It really made me feel like everything I was doing was working. I feel super humbled and it really motivates me to keep working and going. I got to meet The Weeknd, The Airplane Boys and Partied at Boi 1da's table at Karlas birthday party! And of course Spending time with Karla for her birthday was awesome. I havent seen her in so long and was so happy to see her fine self <3 Ok here are some pics! Canada I'll be back soon!

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Sean said...

Ahh Man I live in Toronto I cant believe you came!! Hope you had a good time