Monday, July 25, 2011

Theres Something About Us

Honestly, this is by far the most beautiful song to ever be created. It is so heartbreakingly romantic and beautiful. The whole look Daft Punk has about being robots makes it ironic to have a love song like this, made by two things that cannot even feel the emotion of love. Which makes that much more of a sad song. With the autotuned robotic voice, the synths and the feel of a robot being in love and heartbroken, makes it so much more beautiful. This is the song I can relate to most of all in my life right now. I feel accomplished yet heartbroken by this. This is by far my favorite song in the entire world. I love Daft Punk. Here is the Interstella version as well. 
I love the difference in videos as well

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Oreka said...

I agree with you, although it's not my favourite song, it's one of my favourite songs. It just takes me to another place, not of this world.