Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mr. West Mr. Fresh Mr. Fresh

Kanye West has always been looked at as super stylish, and a style icon. I couldn't agree more! I think hes just a guy who looks naturally cool in clothing. But.... his new style is so boring and wack compared to the way he dresses..... It might not be as upscale or high end and "chic". It was way more exciting and expressive. It really took effort and creativity to come up with those outfits and a real vision to do all those things. I appreciated it that much more even if it was a bit, more hypebeast, or not as serious. It was fun. It was wild. It was more Kanye. 
kanye west dress like.jpg (430×300)
6f6c7fc2f69a3d2e_00130m.jpg (320×480)
kanye-west-mystery-nikes-5.jpg (501×600)
kanye-west-american-music-awards-pastelle-jackets-1.jpg (500×345)
kanye_west_lil_wayne.jpg (575×600)
ts (400×600)
nike-air-kanye-west.jpg (570×760)
There is nothing and never will be anything better than the way Kanye used to dress. Hes boring and old now. I guess thats what everyone has to do though when they hit a certain age though. I still love his music. But his style took a huge hit. RIP old Kanye. I know now, he will never make another Graduation. 

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