Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Margiela Heel Look Alikes!


Isabel Marant

feet are small

why do they look so small tho
Ok! These! Are NOT Margielas! The name completely slip my mind.... But I've been seeing them on a lot of people in the Meat Packing district. They look REALLY nice on. And I KINDA want a pair... I know they have a heel and theyre for ladies but bro, theyre so nice bro. I mean shoot I already have a pair of wedged sneakers might as well add another! Right? lol Plus it sucks being short :((((

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These are the bad boys I have that I was talking about btw. My Hood By Air Air Force One Wedges. Too swaggerful bruh.


Kayli said...

omg where can i get thse air force one wedges!?

Anonymous said...

the margiela look alikes are by isabel marant

Ahkeem Taylor said...
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