Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jumpoff Tv Lounge: White Girls Using The N Word

Hmmmm!!!! I have my own opinions. But it DOESN'T MATTER! Cuz it was never a word used to offend someone of my race or color. So i feel like I can have an opinion but it doesn't matter really what it is. I don't get offended when its said around me. It might make me feel uncomfortable, but i feel i Don't have the right to say anything. But if someone decides to use a word to degrade a Mexican or a Jew i have the right to say something. If it isnt said out of hate, i wont, cuz words is words and can only be given power if you let them. Is all that I am saying. Do I think V Nasty can say it? I think she has the right to say any word she wants. What happens after is just what she better be ready for. Thoughts? 


Deee said...

I means me.. I am fan of Kreayshawn, I mess with her ish heavyy. And I got like the biggest crush on Lil Debbie!!!!No joke ;D
But with Vnasty :/
You know when there's something or someone you frown on instantly..like your just not feeling that things/persons vibe.. I had that with her from the very instant I saw watched her...
Me being black I'm not even offended but her saying it makes me a tad un-comfortable, I meanss, her being the way she is, she wounldn't change her ways for ishh, if she carries on and people continue to bring it to light, it makes Kreay looks bad !! I got pissed when I see her in the middle of that video pic cuz she doesn't even say the N word.. like at all !! Vnasty saying it really puts kreayshawn in a bad position which aint cool.
She just shudn't say it in the public eye, it's for the best.
But yeah fuck Vnasty :p don't really fuck with err
Kreayshawn however is a true g
and Lil Debbie.. she actually is a Bettie !! *hint hint*

nia said...

now dat shit don pissed me off...first off y is kreayshawn on here...i dont member her EVER sayin that (& of course i cud be wrong) but even if she dint that chick is down right disrespectful like seriously u mad cuz she sayin "nigga" not "nigger" theres a difference...hip hop has changed the meanin of that word.So she dont gotta get discriminated against cuz she aint no nigg wit a "a" or and "er" she talkn bout some1 else (still dont make it ok but...). next i, bein a black woman, am proud she says she doesnt see color bc tht jus mean she aint hatin on a race. i dont see color but tht dont mean im not proud in da skin im in...idk those r my thoughts,,,this chick was in the wrong but she gotta a point...kinda